Free LinkedIn Scraping Tool

When it comes to generating leads from within LinkedIn, this technique works better than using the platform itself.

LinkedIn is a goldmine of information.

It’s mostly helpful for B2B, but one thing is certain: if you discover focused potential leads within LinkedIn, you have a real possibility of marketing to them directly and selling your product or service.

How it works is as follows. To begin, you must modify many settings on your Google Chrome browser.

To begin, navigate to, which takes you to the general (global) Google homepage. This is dependent on whether you desire to be regionally targeted or not. If you are adamant about targeting a certain Google Region, then you must alter Google’s domain TLD accordingly.

Moving on, you’ll need to navigate to the Google Browser’s footer, where you’ll see a “settings” option on the bottom right. Proceed to click on it, then on “search settings,” where you may adjust the slider to 200 results per page.

Next, you need to visit this site, called “Recruitin”.

Enter all of the information necessary for the sort of individuals you’re looking for and then click “Search on Google.” This will result in the creation of a “Google Dork,” a technical name for “customized search parameter.” The customized search query created by the system will scrape Google for any indexed LinkedIn profiles that include the specified keywords.

I’m confident you’ll be pleasantly delighted by the outcome. Having those links is all well and good, but what happens next? There are essentially just two options available to you at this point.

You could connect with them individually, but doing so manually is laborious, and I describe how to automate this process in another growth hack excerpt.

The second option (in addition to interacting with them) is, of course, to email these individuals!

Simply copy the search phrase provided by and put it into a notepad.

Here’s mine:

"Cashmere Buyer" "Hong Kong" OR "Beijing" -intitle:”profiles” -inurl:”dir/ ” OR

Now, to find emails of the generated list, append this “” just before -inurl

So, the entire string would look like this:

"Cashmere Buyer” "Hong Kong" OR "Beijing” -intitle:”profiles” "” -inurl:”dir/ ” OR

I almost guarantee that it will create a large number of emails that you can now add to your automatic email marketing.

Of course, you can also add other email providers by adding the OR command after the “@gmail” text, so, for example, “@gmail” OR “” OR “” etc.

Now, if the produced results are really sparse, I’d recommend utilizing the chrome extension “Link Clump,” which will open all the profiles simultaneously. You can instantly connect with them from there.

It’s worth mentioning that there are more sophisticated but more expensive, methods available, but for a free fast and dirty hack that takes less than five minutes, you’re virtually likely to produce a number of results.

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