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The expression “don’t re-invent the wheel” is how I’d explain this advice with regards to content and your overall digital marketing strategy.

We’re all clear that part of our SEO tactics and strategies must include content.

Content is literally one of the only ways that bots are able to understand your content and as a result, are able to score that content and get you indexed and ranking.

So, rather than sit around brainstorming ideas for your next pillar piece of content that will propel you through the rankings, I’d strongly advise that you use a tool called Buzzsumo.

BuzzSumo is a fantastic tool for finding the most popular and shared content on any topic; meaning that you don’t have to re-invent it! It’s a bit risky to set out on content ideas that few people may end up not reading and sharing, instead, take a look at what has worked for other people and that’s precisely where BuzzSumo can help.

Simply enter the search word you want to learn more about, and Buzzsumo will show you all the relevant results that were most shared in the past year relating you your keywords and niche.

This is a great content ideation tool and excels in enhancing your content creation.

When you combine this content tool with the AIDA writing concept and the RSP Posting Principles (Responsive, Staple, and Pillar content pieces), you will be able to create a massive amount of useful and SEO-friendly content!

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