Create A Relaxed Tone On Signup Forms

When designing a sign-up form for subscribers on your website, and in your attempts to grow your community, you will inevitably include an email capture box (pop-up form) or whatever.

This email marketing hack is designed to increase your conversion rate and decrease the bounceĀ rate when a potentialĀ subscriber sees your lead capture form.

Here’s the hack: rather than having an email placeholder within the box that says theĀ generic “Enter your email address here,” put a more humorous placeholder.

Why should this matter?

Because it lightens the mood and lets the user know that your tone is friendly and approachable.

We need to use every asset we can to increase our conversions and a little nudge in the right direction can help – in fact, everything little helps.

For example, on one of my Information Security websites, my email capture form includes the placeholder ā€œ[email protected]ā€. It automatically lightens the mood and suggests that my newsletter will not be some dour, boring newsletter. 

For those who are unaware, Edward Snowden is a well-known US (ex-NSA) whistleblower who worked for the US government.

There are plenty of options here – but I am sure you get the gist.

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