Email Warming Is Vital. Here’s How You Do It.

Email marketing is still strong in 2021. Make no mistake. It’s pretty amazing that it is still there as a marketing channel – anyways – for sheer ROI it is 100% the BEST way to convert traffic (that has subsequently signed up to your marketing and content).

This post is not taking a look at OnPage conversion – we can leave that for another time, instead, this is all about email marketing inboxing.

TL;DR: It’s an equal art and science.

One of the challenges of email marketing is inboxing.

I’d always suggest when starting out to have two domains. One domain is your “money-domain” that you can protect at all times, and another is your “email testing” domain that ideally has similar branding to your “money domain”.

ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) and email clients will determine whether or not to inbox email on a bunch of criteria.

One of the measurements that the ISP will use is the “sender reputation” of the domain that is associated with the email message. A sender’s reputation is a number determined by, for example, how many times the domain (i.e. the sender) has received spam complaints, or has been blocked, and even deleted.

This tool “warms up” your email domain in a positive way by tricking ISP’s into an inflated positive sender reputation score.

The tool is known as “mailwarm”.

The tool does this by simulating perfect responses with your emails through interaction. The way it works is by having your email account automatically send dozens of emails to +1000 Mailwarm’s accounts, that get replies. The (positive) daily interactions are sent according to the schedule you set.

The net result of this is that your domain will have a positive sender reputation. Now, when you’re ready to launch your cold EDM campaign, your chances of inboxing will be much higher.

The “FREE” Email Warming Solution

Sign-up to email newsletters.

Go ahead and sign up for Neil Patel’s stuff and prepare to be bombarded by emails. Why? Aside from the fact that he will send you thousands of emails per year, you’ll be sending “alive” signals to your email account.

So, joining newsletters means that you’ll get a (ton) of emails. Then, every now and again, simply log in and reply to some of those emails.

There is also a more nefarious tool called “Run Mailbait” – I’ll let you Google that – and basically you add an email and it will subscribe that email account to hundreds of email newsletters.


My free solution is a bit crap – I’d opt for the “Mailwarm” solution if you want to be a pro with your email marketing outreach.

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