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We can all agree that Wikipedia is enormous.

Almost every important term, issue, or topic is ranked in the top three by this site. Period.

This hack is all about gaining a link to your site from an article in your field. If you’re looking for ways to improve your SEO then a hack like this can certainly help.

While all Wikipedia links are “no-follow,” it is essential to strive to obtain a link from a leading piece of material in your field on Wikipedia.

Before we proceed any further, let’s define “no-follow” and “do-follow.”

The verbosity of these words reflects what they do. If the site linking to yours wishes to transmit their SEO juice to yours, they will omit the “no follow” tag, and if it is missing, Google will assume that it is “do-follow.”

All Wikipedia links to citations and sources are “no-follow,” yet citation links will generate a large number of human hits due to the volume of traffic that Wikipedia receives.

From Google’s perspective, having a mix of “do-follow” and “no-follow” links is beneficial since it demonstrates natural growth patterns.

So, how can we locate Wikipedia Link Rot and add our own? The solution is to use the following tool: Here’s the link, WikiGrabber

Once you’ve entered your chosen keywords, the program will display Wikipedia articles with “dead links.” A “deadlink” is just that. So, all you have to do is suggest your own link. To reproduce the value of the previous link, go to and look at the material; replicate it on your site, then try to have your link published.

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