Once A Month Upload Your Gmail (Email Contacts) To LinkedIn

Download your Gmail contacts once a month.

Think about it: you probably send and receive hundreds of emails a week and within those emails are a few hidden gems. Why not connect with them on other social media platforms? The easiest and most efficient way to do this is to download your email addresses and upload them to LinkedIn. LinkedIn will then try and find a match for those emails with profiles within their system – if there’s a match then you can connect with them!

This simple Social Media hack will produce ROI for the time that it takes you to do this.

You can also outsource this task to a VA!

It’s very simple and highly effective.

We need various ways to reach our prospects, so this will ensure that everyone you’ve met is in your LinkedIn network.

You could automate this such that every email you receive populates a row in a Google Spreadsheet, and all you have to do is choose who to connect with. Simple, but takes extra setup work.

Google has a tool called “Google Takeaway” that you may utilize. Just google it and you’ll find hundreds of instructions to follow in 1-2 minutes, here’s the URL: Takeout.Google.com/

This hack with the Google Takeaway service allow you to automatically get an email with a zip file containing all your contacts once a month.

I recommend establishing a folder and filtering it so that backup emails remind you to submit them to LinkedIn.

In summary, you’ve got to remember that the touch points associated with closing a sale can run in the dozens. Having your contact also connect via LinkedIn can only be a blessing and will likely increase your conversions.

Just to remind us, a touchpoint is each time a potential or current consumer interacts with your brand–before, during, or after a transaction. That fact that you’ve already been in contact with the folks in your inbox ought to give you a major headstart when it comes to communicating with them on LinkedIn.

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