Finding Company Domain Names

What if you have a list of companies but you don’t have their domain information? Here’s a method to finding company domain names…

It might be the case that you find yourself with a company list but you don’t have their associated domains.

Here’s a solution…

Phantombuster has a neat pre-built scraper that will is able to accurately match domain names from a list of company names.

For example, let’s assume that you perform a Google Dork on your rival or a list of Internet intern’s unintentional findings, and it reveals the websites’ domain names. Then, you may scrape the data such as email addresses and other useful information from such websites.

To get this working all you have to do is create a spreadsheet on Google Spreadsheet (make sure that is is public) and fill it with the names of the companies you’re after.

Make sure as well that each row has its’ own company (in Column A) and let phantombuster run its magic.

You’ll be amazed at how accurate it is.

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Why Would You Need This Tool?

The main purpose you’d need a tool like phantombuster is for lead generation.

The tools has multiple uses but the primary one for this hack would be to match leads with their domains and then be able to hit them up with either a drip fed email campaign or similar.

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