6 Domain Drop-Catching Platforms You Can Use

Deciding on which domain drop-catching platform to use is a challenge and of vital importance relating to which one you should invest time in using. Hopefully, I’ve helped you out by listing 6 excellent platforms that you can check out today.

In this post, I’m going to outline a bunch of really good expired domain resources and places to find and buy a high-quality expired domain.

When buying domains we not only want high quality metrics and traffic but we also want to find the perfect expired domains before everyone else so in this post I’ll share some of the best expired domains “drop catchers”.

What Is A Domain Drop Catcher?

A “domain drop-catcher” is basically a service whereby you pay to have a domain “reserved” and “re-indexed” under your ownership. As any reader of our blog will know, every domain has a fixed period of time that it would have been registered. If the webmaster (intentionally or otherwise) forgets to renew the domain then you can jump on it and re-register it under your own name and ownership; and you can do with it as you please.

A more “technical” explaination would be that drop catching is the process of registering expired domains by the means of automated systems within a short period of time, often within a fraction of a second after being cancelled by the registry. Simply put, “drop-catching” is the process of auto registration of domains at the precise moment of deletion.

What Is The Benefit Of An Expired Domain?

Kinda obvious, but if you really don’t know then the reason is that you can use it for SEO to power the (if any) existing SEO link juice to your own site.

So, in this post, as stated I’ll list some services that will help you get those juicy domains before anybody else so you can beat your competitors.

#1 dropcatch.com

These guys have around (at any given time) six hundred thousand pending deletion websites ready to be re-indexed. The service manages a huge database, which is pretty impressive. However, whilst this is a fantastic resource, it should be noted that dropcatch.com is a relatively well-known service so maybe it might not be the best drop-catching service to use when trying to beat your competitors.

#2 pool.com

Next on our list is pool.com. This service again offers a vast selection and they have excellent domains and you can definitely find some that may be slip through the cracks or perhaps your competitors have not seen. The features available with pool.com are endless, for example, you can backorder domains that will run non-stop. You will find quality domains using this service.

#3 nidoma.com

Nidoma, as an expired domain-catching service also has many features. These include everything from domain-buying to domain-selling and also premium domains for sale as well. They also have their own marketplace. Having a marketplace (that you pay to access) is a fantastic idea because it helps you understand and visually see quality domains with quality metrics that all indicate that the domain is receiving traffic and has the best links that you can possibly find.

#4 dynadot.com

I haven’t used this service much but I wanted to add it to the list because it looks like they also have many useful features to help you catch good domains when they drop.

#5 catchtiger.com

“Catch-Tiger” has expired domain listings like all the other platforms listed above. You have to remember that each of these marketplaces has different services since they work with various expired domain issuers that are designed to help you get the best deals out there.

#6 pheenix.com

Pheenix is another excellent domain drop-catching service that will include a lot of stuff that maybe you would not find in any other places so definitely give these guys a try.

In Summary

Most of these platforms will share the same resources but some of them use their own lists using their own procurement process.

Good luck with your expired domain acquisition!

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  1. dropcatch.com is very expensive and without success, they also require sensitive information as your picture with your ID holding it.

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