How To Demonstrate SEO Value To Clients in 2021

There are certain things that always demonstrate value when it comes to SEO. In this post, I will outline some things that I outline with my clients every reporting session. My clients love this and perhaps yours will too.

Quick Overview

I’m a search specialist – I work in SEO for my clients both within the Cybersecurity space and in Hong Kong for my agency. I’ve been doing SEO since 2002 so I feel like I know a thing or two about the subject!

Part of the challenge of having SEO clients is that you have to reduce churn and keep them on board. The best way to do this is to demonstrate that you, as an SEO expert, are doing your job. Whether they (the clients) are converting the traffic is another discussion. In any event, this post is just to summarize the three main SEO client-reporting data-points that I give to my clients.

#1 Organic Traffic Increase

SEO is an organic (free) SERP listing.

All your efforts as an SEO specialist should be dedicated to getting to page one (position zero, “0”) for your keywords.

The client has to see the needle move with respect to your SEO efforts.

Your SEO efforts could include content marketing, growth hacking, backlink strategies, etc. The client needs to see the result of your efforts; efforts that they are paying for.

As long as you can demonstrate growth for your organic search then all is good, you can relax in the knowledge that you’re doing your job.

We all want a traffic boner and with the right strategy and keyword and growth hacking tools, you’ll do it.

#2 How Many New Keywords Is The Client Getting?

This is critical and is easy to explain to the client.

You’ll have likely agreed to the seed keywords for your clients website; but what about new (less competitive) keywords that you are ranking for?

Remember, it is often the wrong strategy to go after competitive keywords, instead, go after the easier keywords and you’ll have a better chance of getting your more competitive keywords ranked later on.

Being able to present new opportunities to your client each reporting session is an excellent idea and shows initiative and will keep you “front-of-mind” to your client.

Also, a neat add-on here is to add CTA’s to the new keywords that you’ve been able to generate for your client – remembering that an opt-in through your less competitive keywords is just as good as any other opt-in.

#3 What Is The Value Of The New Keywords?

What value are the keywords that your clients site are now being rewarded with?

Being able to place a number on the value of your efforts also clearly sets out what you are contributing to their bottom-line.

Wrap Up

Sure, when it comes to reporting then you’ll have other important metrics like KPI’s that you’ve agreed on, Conversion Rates and Lead Generation numbers.

If all of your metrics are clearly explained then you’ll look good.

Remember that you need to explain to the client BEFORE they become a client that SEO and Digital Search Marketing is a relatively fickle business, i.e. it goes up and down depending on the Google Algorithm, “the dance” and updates.

How Often Should Your SEO Agency Report?

That, is a great question!

The vast majority report once a month, but I’d suggest you report TWICE a month. Keep it consistent with your delivery time, i.e. Friday @ 330pm (for example) and make sure that you keep it really clear and really easy to explain to the client should they have additional questions.

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