Pre-Cut Numbers Offline Growth Hack

This is a bit out of the ordinary, but if you have the time and confidence, give it a shot, it may just work for you. Remember that for all of my lead generation ideas and SEO Hacks all you need is one or two of these two work and you’ll get your time-money ROI returned to you.

This growth hack is a classic, and it’s probably one of the most old-school and “simple” offline hacks out there that I’ve used, but if you have the stamina to execute it, you could get some results….so- WTF am I talking about?

Find the cutest pet photo you can find, then design a one-page A4 design that looks like one of those Language Tutor Offers” you see slapped on lampposts with pre-cut phone numbers or web sites that pedestrians may rip out if they’re interested.

The hook in this offline growth hack is entirely within the copywriting.

You can pose a question that is also a statement, such as “Have You Seen My Cute Kitten!!?” and then say on the following line, “She’s Cute Isn’t She!, I Just Wanted To Share Her With You.”

The following few lines of content then pivot into your digital marketing talents and how you’re able to think outside-the-box and you might get lucky in that you’ve found someone at the right place at the right time. Maybe the person that sees your offline advert is genuinely interested and in the market to find a creative ad agency or SEO Agency and there you go – you’ve just demonstrated that you have the balls and ability to get messages out there that can convert.

While this offline hack may appear to be very basic and easy, it is actually quite powerful and costs almost NOTHING to set up and get going.

If you select a popular pedestrian area where commuters are waiting for the “green man,” you may potentially expose your ad and services to thousands of people. All it takes is one or two conversions to make it all worthwhile.

Try it out and see what happens!

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