Cute Cat With Cut Out Numbers

This is a bit leftfield but if you’ve got the time and confidence, try it out.

It’s a classic and certainly one of the most old-school and “basic” offline hacks out there but if you have the energy to do it then you may well get results.

Here’s how it works.

Find the most ridiculously cute photo of a pet, then create a one-page A4 design that looks like one of those “French Tutor Offers” that you see slapped on lampposts with the pre-cut phone-numbers that passersby can tear off to make contact.

The hook here is all in the copywriting.

You can ask a question that is actually a statement, like this: “Have You Seen My Kitten!!?”, then on the next line, “She’s Cute Isn’t She!, I Just Wanted To Share Her With”.

The next few lines of copy then pivot into your digital marketing skills and how you’re able to think out-of-the-box, etc., and that you’ll explode their growth.

You’ll need a busy pedestrian intersection for this to work, and remember that all you need is to get lucky once or twice.

Whilst this offline hack might seem very basic and simple it’s also highly effective and costs practically zero to set up. If you choose a busy pedestrian section where commuters are waiting for the “green man” then you may be exposing your ad and services to literally thousands of people. All you need is one or two conversions to make this all worth it.

Try it and see!

Henry "HMFIC"

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