Pre-Written Swipe Copy To Convince The Boss

I’ve used this hack before and it worked out pretty well, let me share it with you. We were organizing a conference and we placed some email swipe copy or said another way, pre-written email templates that delegates could give to their boss – and it worked great.

It couldn’t be simpler.

All you do is encourage and give the option for delegates that are on the fence about attending an event.

The potential delegate (or potential customer of your service or tool) might be on the fence and they could be doubtful about what their boss might say.

This hack, or concept, will remedy that by encouraging you to add copy that the delegate (as in our case) can simply copy and paste and send in an email to convince their boss that attending the conference is a good idea.

Or Use It For Affiliates

Let’s suppose that you are a successful company owner.

Affiliates and lead generation activities are vital when it comes to being able to increase your marketing efforts and making more money from your items and services.

There are several ways your affiliate program is structured.

Some companies give rewards for affiliates that bring in a lot of money, while others utilize a system with varying degrees of affiliates.

Now realize one thing, whatever structure you choose: you want your companies to assist their marketing for the greatest outcomes. And the best way to achieve this is to swipe email swipes, for instance.

Email swipes are ready to take, edit and send emails from affiliates.

An affiliate copy pool can be used by all your members.

This guarantees that your brand is sold in about the same style and voice while providing your affiliates a little leeway.

Well, one thing we would like to add is to urge your members to alter sections of the email swipe copy.

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