Create A Useful Tool For Free (And Get More Leads)

Provide SEO Tools, or a lead generation tool, or perhaps an email marketing tool for free! 

You’ll grow your audience and you’ll likely get a ton of referral traffic and backlinks.

If the tool that you offer is useful and saves a lot of time, you will get a lot of love and respect for it.
Trust me on this.

Does that seem difficult?

No, it doesn’t, because it isn’t.

Go to “code canyon” and you’ll find a variety of scripts and tools for sale at extremely low prices.

If the tool doesn’t exactly do what you want it to do, you may outsource it to UpWork and have a developer alter it to your liking.

As one example, I discovered a Plagiarism Tool that could be used for SEO – and it was under ten dollars!

Other examples include bitcoin calculators, admin tools, and a slew of random scripts such as “GMB Scraper,” or “Content Indexer” which would look fantastic on your site is placed within a large piece of content.

What I would recommend is that you buy it, customize it to your niche, make it yours, and market it.

Neil Patel’s Uber Suggest is an excellent example of this SEO Growth Hack – when used as a technique.

SEO Tools, particularly Keyword Tools, are notoriously costly.

Neil Patel provides a free application that performs many of the same functions as the industry’s top brands, such as SEMRush or HRefs.

Another well-known SEO writer, Matthew Woodward, provides a great example of this with a simple PHP script that produces some code to insert on your site to help your FAQs rank higher in Google.

To summarize, look for and promote tools that might benefit your community!

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