Coupon Growth Hack That Works (Hide and Seek)

We’ve all bought something online, and in the final checkout stage, we see a “coupon code” field. A lot of the time we are curious about this and – of course – we’d like a discount. This growth hack addresses this psychology and can increase conversions.

Having a coupon code on your checkout signifies that whilst you might not have a coupon code, the retailer does indeed offer them.

Prevent Customer Drop-Off Hack

Now, if your customer is slightly on the fence about buying your product or service and they see that you have a coupon code discount form, they might be tempted to open up another browser to search for a coupon online.

Make sure that you have a page optimized for the keywords of “My Brand Coupon” and as long as you come in the top results your potential client will see the page, click it, and see that there is indeed a coupon that they can use (but only for a limited time) which gives them a 10% discount (or whatever).

This sense of satisfaction will likely tip any “on the fence” customers, they’ll apply their discovered coupon and become a customer.

The beauty of this hack is that you can easily measure the results, i.e. how many people used the promo code.

Get Your Coupon-Code Indexed

Again, let’s be clear of the process:

  1. Customer is 90% convinced to pay or your product or service;
  2. They see a “coupon code” field;
  3. They are curious and search for an existing code;
  4. They find one – apply it – and it generates a discount!
  5. END Result = Customer finally at 100% convinced to buy your product or service

This is all about the dopamine with regards to the “nearly” customer finding the coupon code, applying it – and feeling like they’ve found a fair deal.

However – what’s vital about this coupon growth hack is to get a page indexed that has an ever-green coupon with, for example, a 5% discount.

If you are ranking for your brand (and this is a must for any serious SEO Growth Marketer) then it will be simple to create a page with the usual onpage SEO meta-data to contain keywords relating to the coupon.

For example, the header tag should be:

<header>ACME Brand Coupon</header>

And, then the copy needs to have the usual <h1> and <h2> to have the keywords that relate to your specific-branded keywords. All simple stuff.

Why This Growth Hack Works

This is a neat growth hack because you can tip the “unsure” to converted traffic because they’ve satisfied themselves that they’re receiving a winning deal.

GoDaddy do a lot of this with their domain purchases.

The customer feels like they’ve “outsmarted” you somewhat, or perhaps better said, they’ve derived the best possible deal that they could.

I’ve done this many times when I am purchasing dropped domains.

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