Monitor Competitor Homepage Changes

This growth hack requires that you create an account with VisualPing. This app monitors changes to websites or better said, to specific web pages.

Why is this useful?

Because you can monitor changes to your competitor’s homepage, product features page, pricing tables, landing pages, etc.

VisualPing will snap a screenshot of their site and another one a day later, and you will be notified if there are any changes!

Setting this lead generation hack will allow you to observe what your competitors are up to and any modifications they are making to their crucial site. If a new product is released, for example, or if there is some urgent “exciting news,” it will almost certainly be plastered all over your competitor’s site.

Viewing what your rivals are doing is obviously advantageous, such as seeing their copywriting messaging and service promises.

The extra benefit of this alert informing you of changes to their site is that if they change it again after two weeks, you can bet their bounce rate has grown.

If, on the other hand, they leave the new page up for more than two weeks, it is evident that their new design works and (potentially) are doing well for them.

My point with this hack is that they would have done all of the legwork for you in terms of split testing and determining what works without you having to lift a finger.

In this case, if the webpage stayed unchanged after two or three weeks, I’d replicate the look and feel, but as always, make it your own and make it better!

In the case of the second example, a services page, most sales pages provide a list of their app’s features, so being able to monitor those changes can only be a major positive.

In any case, when used appropriately, this hack offers a lot of utility.

Lastly, you could also use this hack for job opportunities. If you’re looking for a job and the company has a career page then this method might be useful.

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