Competitor Homepage Hack

This growth hack needs a tool called VisualPing that will (amongst many other uses) monitor your main competitor’s homepage, or, product features (sales) page.

As ever, it’s best to use examples. So, let’s start with your competitor’s homepage as an example.

VisualPing will take a screenshot of their homepage and take another screenshot a day later and if there are any changes you’ll be alerted!

Why Is This Important or Helpful?

It lets you see what your competitors are up to and any changes that they’re making to their all-important homepage. If a new product is launched, for example, or there’s some urgent bit of “exciting news” then it’s likely going to be splashed all over your competitor’s homepage.

Seeing what your competitors are up to is obviously beneficial, for example, seeing their copywriting messages and service claims.

The added bonus with this alert notifying you of changes to their homepage is that if they change it again after two weeks you can be sure that their bounce rate increased.

Conversely, if they keep the new page as it is for more than two weeks then clearly their new design work and (possibly) is working well for them.

My point being here is that they would have done all the hard work for you for split testing and seeing what works without you having to lift a finger.

In this instance, if the homepage remained the same after two weeks I’d go ahead and possibly copy the look and feel but as ever make it your own and make it better!

Taking the second example of a services page, most marketing sales pages have a list of features that their service or product offers. Monitoring whether that page changes, i.e. whether they add/edit or remove features is obviously of significant interest to you.

Either way, this hack has a ton of value when deployed correctly.

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