Wrap Your Car For SEO Lead Generation

Do you have a car?

Is your boyfriend, closest friend, lover, mother or uncle a driver?

The title of this growth hack and thought-process says it all: use your car to promote yourself and your business!

Take a look at taxis if you’re not sure what I’m talking about. They’ve been doing this for decades.

This offline growth marketing strategy, sometimes known as “Wrap Advertising,” totally or partially covers (wraps) a vehicle with a vinyl covering promoting or advertising a product or service.

The end outcome of this procedure is essentially a mobile billboard and you’ll definitely convert a bunch of people per year I guarantee it. If you’re an SEO Agency or digital marketing company then this SEO Hack will work. Put whatever message you want on it relating to how you can get websites to the top of Google and I pretty much guarantee that you’ll get lucky several times a month with the fact that when you’re stuck in traffic the person behind you – or the side of you – will be in the market to find an SEO Company – and low and behold – they you are perfectly positioned!

There are many companies that provide this service, and some people, particularly in the United States and the United Kingdom, have taken advantage of the chance to earn a little extra money by having their automobile wrapped by third party marketing; so yes, you can either pay for others to promote your SEO firm!

You’ll be proud to drive it your car all wrapped and looking cool – WTF not? If you’re proud of your business then let the world know about it.

Being delayed in traffic is a huge chance to promote (sometimes for free) to a large number of people.

When you meet someone, the subject of your work is always brought up.

As entrepreneurs, we should be extremely proud of our businesses, so why not flaunt them and spread the word?

Create catchy copywriting and you’ll get the benefits of this offline growth trick. One of the finest straplines I recall hearing as a youngster was from Honda. On the rear of a Honda, a sticker simply stated, “The car in front is a Honda.” Simple and efficient. You may change the phrases to that effect for your company.

Equally important is the ability to monitor the success of your vehicle wrapping, which is why you must ensure that your URL on your car has some tracking capability, even if it is at the most basic level: www.example.com/car, and you track the number of visitors to that directory.

I’d even suggest adding a QR Code to the wrapping.

Remember that you don’t have to wrap the entire thing, just add a ribbon at the top of the front screen or similar.

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