Car Wrap

Do you drive?

Does your partner, best friend, mom, Uncle, or acquaintance drive?

The title of this growth hack gives it away right away: car wrapping!

If you’re unfamiliar with what that is, just look at taxis.

Also known as “Wrap Advertising”, this offline marketing practice completely or partially covers (wraps) a vehicle in a vinyl material promoting or advertising a product or a service. Essentially the result of this process is to be a mobile billboard.

There are a bunch of companies that offer this as a service and some people, especially in the US, have jumped on this opportunity to get a little side money from having their car wrapped by a third party promoting a product or service which they have no control over.

I’m suggesting something else.

My suggestion is to wrap your car with your product or service. You’ll drive it with pride. This hack is a five-minute decision that could work really well for you. Being stuck in traffic is a massive opportunity to advertise (in many ways for free) to a very wide audience.

When you meet someone, the conversation always turns toward your work. As entrepreneurs we should be more than proud of our companies, so why not flaunt it and spread the word!

Come up with catchy copywriting and you’ll benefit from this offline growth hack. When I was a kid one of the best straplines I remember was from Honda. The sticker on the back of a Honda simply said: “The car in front is a Honda”. Simple and effective. You could modify words to that effect for your business.

Of equal importance is being able to measure the effectiveness of your car wrapping and that’s why you need to make sure your URL on your car (or CTA) has some tracking ability which could be at the most basic level: and you measure the hits which hit that directory.

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