Capture Contact Details (Avoid Total Cart Abandonment)

We are all guilty of this next growth hack.

We’re really keen to purchase a product or service and we’ve decided to make the purchase; we’ve started the journey to becoming a customer by entering our data, and suddenly, we get distracted or we have a last-second doubt and cancel the process.

Often, the above happens for reasons beyond our control. Your potential new customer might have filled in your registration and payment page, but then they got distracted by an incoming email, or their phone rang, the delivery guy came, etc, i.e. life got in the way!

So, let’s prevent this from happening.

The first thing we want to do is capture the motivated buyer’s email. That is key. To do that make sure that the web form has basic programming “logic” inbuilt.

For example, the first step of the payment form would have three (and only three) input fields: first and last name, and a valid email address.

Your potential customer will likely feel encouraged to enter this basic (non-payment) personal information and click ‘next’.

By clicking ‘next’ the logic within the contact form triggers the next set of fields that the user has to enter.

The obvious benefit to the above process is that we’ve been able to capture the all-important email of the interested potential customer. Should they drop out of the process then we can trigger an email (or a series of emails) to entice the lead back into the sales funnel.

My research into this growth hack has shown that the earlier you send the email following dropoff the higher the possibility of a conversion. Why? Likely for the simple reason that the recipient feels partially invested and that your service or product is currently in front of mind.

This is also a great chance to address any objections they might have had which prevented them from purchasing while also giving them a chance to return.

Furthermore, as an extension of this growth hack, you could send out a second email three days later with a trial offer or a reduced fee.

The remarketing options are limitless and the communication is a breeze because you have their email.

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