The Art of Broken Link Building

For many years I have been an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and the single biggest contributor with regards to rankings (outside of content) has been the need to obtain decent and preferably high-level links that send SEO-Juice back to your site.

Obviously, getting organic traffic free is a big benefit for your company.

In your marketing and SEO campaigns, you should always bake-in linking strategies for the simple reason being that that’s how Google will find your content.

As I just mentioned, it’s golden to get high quality inbound links, but it can be hard to get them. Of course, we could discuss a dozen SEO Inbound links, but this is the easiest, cleanest and most efficient way to obtain inbound links, without any effort at all.

Just install a Chrome addon called “Broken Link Checker” (and a “Link Miner” tool, after that, more).

Now the cool thing with this SEO grow hack is that every time you visit a website with a niche connection on your own, you just hit the button.

Once you find one you can contact the webmaster, editor or anyone else and let them know your findings by also suggesting replacing their 404 dud link to your own site.

Now, of course you have to be able to substitute the contents or at least have contents worthy of substituting the one indicated by the dud link, but it’s a free and fast way for you to find a good way for a prospective link in.

The difference with “Link Miner” is that it is additional advantageous for you to know how much links point to the “strength” of the broken link.

In summary, I suggest that this five-second broken link hack could be a good reason to reach the publisher if you stumble over a website that you want to connect from. Ask, you don’t have to lose anything. I would suggest that you create a template message prepared for such eventualities in your email client.

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