x2 Simple Google Analytics SEO Hacks

Google Search Console in my opinion is way better than Google Analytics and it’s certainly come of age. In this brief post, I’ll outline two quick SEO wins that you can explore and take advantage of when using GSC (Google Search Console). These simple Google Analytics SEO Hacks ought to move the needle.

For those that don’t know, Google Search Consolev is a Google online tool that allows webmasters to verify the progress of their websites’ indexing and enhance their exposure. Until May 20, 2015, the program was known as Google Webmaster Tools.

Google released a new version of the search console in January 2018, including improvements to the user interface, so let’s take advantage of that with this simple Google Analytics SEO growth hack.

Simple Google Analytics SEO Hack #1

The first hack is to determine your top referrers, then double down on syncing up that traffic that comes from that resource.

If a site with substantially greater authority links to you, make sure you visit their page and attempt to get a feel of the tone of the copywriting and messaging, and then improve on it on the page to which they are being pointed.

The goal here is to reduce bounce rates and encourage the recommended visitor to take action on your site.

Said simply, who is linking to you and if they have real traffic with real metrics then double up on that source and enhance those associated landing pages.

Simple Google Analytics SEO Hack #2

The second trick is to look at whatever keywords you are ranking for in positions #4, #5, #6, or somewhat below since Google is telling you that with some effort, you should be able to move those higher.

Being in slightly lower SERPs tells you that with a little work you can nudge it upwards.

You’ve been indexed so that’s good! Now just nudge it up with a few choice backlinks – or better still – improve the on page SEO, i.e. add new keywords and keyphrases

Simple things, but as is frequently the case, the tiniest and most simple adjustments may have the largest impact!

This is one of the easiest SEO Hacks that I’ve written about.

Good luck!

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