100 Linking Opportunities (Sites To Get Links From)

Are you looking for a list of backlinking opportunities?

As we all appreciate, getting links to your website helps with your SEO, and I hope that this list helps you boost your rankings. SEO Hacks like using this list can speed up your backlinking efforts.

In this post I’m sharing a list of sites that you can submit your content with a link to.

Some of the sites will only allow a profile creation whilst others will allow you to place content that is pertinent to your niche.

The links are all categorized by the following:

Link Type

  • DoFollow
  • NoFollow
  • Varies

Here’s an explanation to those link attributes if you are new to SEO.

Payment Status

This should be self-explanatory. Typically the paid “high DA” sites are slightly better because they’ve been spammed less than the free backlink sites, but having said that, some of the free mega-DA sites like WordPress and Wikipedia are, and always will be, free.

  • Free
  • Paid

Level of Difficulty

Again, another self-explanatory metric. “Easy” means that it is simple and straightforward to create an account whilst “Hard” might mean that you need to pass a few hurdles to get included with a backlink to your sites.

  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Hard

How Can I Use This Backlinking Opportunities List?


Either do it yourself (which is time-consuming) or use a VA or an automation tool like BAS or ZennoPoster. Of course, you could also use a tool like SEO Autopilot which does this for you – but – your success rate will be up for debate when compared to doing it yourself.

Can I Download The List?

Of course!

Just follow the instructions in the screenshot below.

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