Backlink Offer For Service Bartering

I’ve had some great results with this hack in Miami when I used to live there.

This growth hack relates to getting backlinks from high-level DA (Domain Authority) websites.

We all know that high-ranking backlinks help, and this hack has a method to automate it to get you to rank higher.

This hack is simple and it works on the oldest human form of commercial exchange: bartering.

This hack relates to a concept digital marketers refer to as “WIIFM” or “What’s In It For Me?”

You’re wasting your time asking for something without giving something in exchange.

Rather than “asking for a link”, I am suggesting you offer a service, for free, in exchange for a backlink.

Find actionable and useful things that you can reciprocate for free.

For example, I went to and found affordable and helpful Digital Marketing gigs. For example:

  • Creating a keyword plan for them;
  • Run a full SEO audit;
  • Local SEO planning for your keywords;

There are hundreds of Digital Marketing services that you could offer that all cost between USD$ 5 and USD $10 to procure.

Offer your link prospects one of these useful services and in exchange ask for a backlink.

If they say “no” then keep moving, but I guarantee that some will say “yes”.

So, what’s the value of that backlink?

If the Fiverr gig costs you USD $10 and you get a high-value backlink out of it, then that’s a fantastic ROI.

Try it, scale it, and use a Virtual Assistant.

Henry "HMFIC"

I'm Henry, the guy behind this site. I've been Growth Hacking since 2002, yep, that long...

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