Scratch My Back I Scratch Yours

This trick worked well for me in Miami while I lived there.

Getting backlinks from high DA (Domain Authority) websites requires a lot of patience and often some clever SEO hack, but this idea I’ll mention here is pretty much a no-brainer, and it worked for me.

We all know that high-ranking backlinks assist, and this technique automates the process.

This technique uses bartering, the earliest human method of commercial transaction.

This hack is about “WIIFM” or “What’s In It For Me?”

You’re asking for something without providing anything in return.

Then, instead of “begging” for a link, provide free service in return for one.

Find helpful activities you can do for free.

In my case, I found inexpensive Digital Marketing gigs on

For example:

There are hundreds of Digital Marketing services that you could offer that all cost between USD$ 10 and USD $20 to procure.

Offer your link prospects one of these useful services and in exchange ask for a backlink.

If they say “no” then keep moving, but I guarantee that some will say “yes”.

So, what’s the value of that backlink?

If the Fiverr gig costs you USD $10 and you get a high-value backlink out of it, then that’s a fantastic ROI.

Try it, scale it, and use a Virtual Assistant.

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