Get Yourself Out There! Speak At Events For Lead Generation!

Speaking at events, conferences, or meetup groups is an excellent way to build your personal brand and market your services or products and will help with your overall lead generation strategy.

How do you go about doing it?

Simple, use Google Alerts and precise search parameters to generate an RSS Alert.

This is how it’s done: to begin, set a keyword alert for speaking opportunities in Google Alerts. If you’re unfamiliar with Google Alerts, you’ll get the notion the instant you enter that area of the Google ecosystem.

So, here’s an example of an alert you may create:

“London” AND “SEO Marketing” AND “Speaking Opportunity” OR “Call For Papers” OR “Call For Papers” OR

You will now receive an alert if there is a request for a speaker. In case you’re wondering, “Call For Papers” is the professional phrase for speaker requests.

Google Alerts will email you notifications, but you can also build an RSS feed and use the IFTTT service to send the alert anyplace you choose, such as SMS, Slack, Trello, or Google Spreadsheet.

After you’ve set up Google Alert, go to your Alerts home page and click on the Pencil symbol to change its parameters, where you’ll find the “RSS” function. Click that, copy the URL, and go to IFTTT to learn how to obtain automatic notifications that aren’t email-based.

The two resources suggested are Google Alerts and IFTTT.

Meetup gatherings are another way to apply to speak. Remember that, apart from the networking benefits, pushing yourself to commit to presenting at an event will commit you to create material that you can subsequently re-purpose on Slideshare, your website, and social media.

The other success I have had is with Meetup – with the bonus being that you can also often get a very nice backlink from Meetup that you can place on your speaker profile.

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