Increase Your Membership By Using Social Logins

This is what I refer to as the “Social Login” hack.

Including a social login option on your login or sign-up pages will significantly boost your conversion rates.

The apparent advantages are that the user has easy access.

For most of us, remembering many passwords is a chore, and requesting a user to generate yet another password can be a source of frustration.

Of course, as internet marketers (Growth Hackers) and SEO hackers, we’re in the business of removing as many barriers as possible. We want to make the journey as easy and straightforward as possible while providing a great experience.

The deployment of social media logins is really inexpensive (and free for WordPress users), and you will most likely observe an increase in registrations.

The extra benefit is that, with the user’s consent, you can then market to them to encourage their continuous engagement in whatever product or service you are offering.

The installation of a WordPress plugin that accomplishes the aforementioned goals can take as little as two minutes. This growth hack will take you five minutes to do, including backing up your installation (which you should always do before installing a feature like this).

Henry "HMFIC"

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