Hidden Forms Increase Conversions. Here’s How

This is a lead generation growth tactic that I’ve used on multiple occasions and you can too.

In summary, this is how the principle of this growth hack: the more details you have about your leads, the better.

One technique for gathering more information about your leads is to include a variable hidden in the HTML that may be populated and then accessed by using a hidden field on capture forms.

You may acquire even more information about your leads using this method without requiring them to fill out extra form fields for which you already have data.

Common applications include location, campaign, and interest type.

When creating a form field in Gravity Forms, for example, just check the box next to “Hidden Field” when adding the field.

Here’s an example of a formalized formalized formalized formalized formalized formally.

I manage an events directory for the Cybersecurity industry whereby I list niche-specific conferences that are happening all around the world. Because the events are split into geographical zones, if someone sees events in Europe, it is likely that they are (obviously) interested in events in Europe, thus there is no need to question them when they sign up for the newsletter, assuming they want information on events in Europe.

This growth hack is critical because, as we’ve discussed in previous growth hacks on my site, the more fields you ask the lead to fill out, the higher the drop-off rate.

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