Add Hidden Form Fields To Your LeadGen Forms

The more you know about your leads the better.

One trick used to capture even more information about your leads is to pass a parameter in a URL that can be received by a hidden field on one of your forms.

Using this trick you can capture even more information about your leads without making them fill out multiple form fields that you already have information about.

Common uses of this can include location, campaign, and interest category.

If creating a hidden field in Gravity Forms (for example), simply check Hidden Field” when adding your form field.

Here’s an example.

I have a popular events directory that lists niche-specific events (conferences) taking place around the world. The events are broken up into geographical regions so if someone is viewing events in Europe it is likely that they’re (obviously) interested in events in Europe, so when they sign up to the newsletter there’s no need to ask them, i.e. let’s assume they want info on events in Europe.

This growth hack is particularly important because as we’ve discussed in other areas of this book, the more fields you ask the lead to enter the higher the dropoff rate.

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