Try This Tool To Get Tons Of Facebook Likes

Chatbots are popular these days, but they can be very expensive.

ConversioBot is my favorite chatbot (in terms of cost), but Mobile Monkey offers an outstanding edge that may drive your growth marketing for reasons that I’ll explain in this post.

Mobile Monkey offers both a free and a premium subscription.

After you’ve established an account, you’ll need to link it to your Facebook page.

When people begin chatting and interacting with you on Facebook, they will automatically subscribe to your list. This will aid in the growth of your total audience.

Then, if you have a post or something you want people to see on Facebook, encourage everyone you know to go check it out.

The secret to this growth hack is that this Facebook-connected chatbot encourages everyone to go like and comment on your content, which is one of the most powerful positive signals you can give to the Facebook algorithm.

The more comments you receive on whatever content you publish, the more viral it becomes. That is why you should urge them to like and comment on your posts.

So, anytime you’re posting something on Facebook, whether it’s a post, a video, or a status update, encourage people to leave a remark in it, and make it entertaining enough for them to want to leave a comment.

For example, I’ll frequently inquire about how many Facebook likes or comments you receive. To obtain a free gift, simply reply with the words “Free eBook” or something similar. That is an example of requesting feedback. And if you ask them for a like and a remark, you’ll see that many of them will do so since they’re already on Facebook.

They are on Facebook when they read the message. And what you’ll discover with a Mobile Monkey list is that you should have an open rate of 60 percent on the bottom end, but often it’s 70, 80 percent, or more, and your click-through rates are often over 30 percent.

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