300 Information Security Interview Questions!

300 Information Security Interview Questions!

Henry Dalziel | Information Security Careers | December 21, 2012

Update! It’s been three years since we wrote this post! Here’s the latest and updated PDF that you can download!

OK! If you are looking for a job in information security or if you wanna become a penetration tester then this is a lucky find! We have compiled a HUGE list of 300 InfoSec questions that you might be asked in an interview.

Here is a sample of only 15 of the 300 interview questions we have accumulated:

What port does ping work over?
What’s the difference between HTTP and HTML?
What does RSA stand for?
What conferences do you routinely attend?
How do you create SSL certificates, generically speaking?
What is meterpreter?
What’s the difference between a router, a bridge, a hub and a switch?
What’s port scanning and how does it work?
What’s the better approach setting up a firewall: dropping or rejecting unwanted packets and why?
Please describe the steps to be taken by a company implementing an ISMS framework
Can we perform VA remotely?

As mentioned the list is huge with 300 questions. If you want to get a job in security then clearly this is a great resource for you to have. We can literally guarantee that some of these questions WILL come up during your interview. Download the list and shine during your interview!

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