Our Recommended Six Mobile Forensics Tools

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Our Recommended Six Mobile Forensics Tools

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  • Richard Hummel

    Nice tools listing! I wasn’t tracking some of these and I definitely want to add them to my web site “malware-analyzer.com”. I am working on a new tools section for mobile malware and will definitely include these tools.

    Some other things I think are worth mentioning on this post are the VM images that have been developed for the sole purpose of reversing malicious code on mobile devices.

    1. Mobisec
    2. OSAF (Open Source Android Framework)

    You can find out more information about these and download them from direct links on my web site malware-analyzer.com

  • Kindos Cargbo

    Hi, As a master’s holder in Information Security and Forensics, I am searching for a forensic tool that will be use to monitor and protect telephone transactions and with strong anti-virus. I want to build up an ideas and test to see how it’s work.

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