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Top Ten Hacking Tools of 2017Linux Pentesting (Hacking) Distros

This is our recommended list of “Debuggers” hacker tools that a professional pentester (penetration tester), ethical hacker, digital forensics or cybersecurity enthusiast should know how to use effectively. We regularly update this list so please let us know if there is a hacking tool you’d like us to add!

Five most common uses for Debuggers

  • Have different views of disassembled binary and subsequently discover bugs.
  • To have the ability to map how and when functions are called in complex applications, again, good for bug testing.
  • Take snapshots of an OS in a good state of operation, and cross reference this for bug testing.
  • Debug web applications written in C, PHP, Python, C++, Objective C, Pascal, and other popular languages.
  • As patches are rolled out, software changes can be difficult to identify. Some of these tools allow the pentester (or developer) to undertand what was modified.