The best two WPA/ WPA2 cracking tutorial videos on YouTube

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The best two WPA/ WPA2 cracking tutorial videos on YouTube

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Cracking and protecting WiFi is always going to be central to any pentesters remit. All the certifications we offer cover WEP, WPA and WPA2 wifi cracking within their syllabuses, but we thought to share our two favourite videos on the subject.

The inspiration for this post came from a previous discussion we had regarding CEH Self-Study. At the second stage of our recommended self-study plan we outlined the (kinda obvious) but worth stating, importance of watching tutorials on YouTube. Now, there are a million different WiFi cracking tutorials on YouTube but I’d say that as many as 90% of them are crap. Not only are they plain wrong and factually incorrect but for reasons best know to the creators the videos are almost always accompanied by some screeching techno or some other nasty music. OK – showing my age here – let’s move on!

The first video is by Raventattoo (10,000 subscribers) who has a really good channel on YouTube. With over a million views the video clearly explains the fundamentals of WPA/ WPA2 cracking and how to hack a WPA/WPA2 encrypted WiFi router. Using a dictionary attack, Backtrack 5 and a wordlist the author demonstrates how to crack the encryption. It’s a great video because it is aimed at beginners and for people who really want to understand how it all works.

Sorry we removed the video but you might be interested in our list of wireless hacking tools here.

We hope our students new and old, and those thinking about studying for a certification watch these videos!

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