Wireshark Courses For Beginners (Hacker Tool Training)

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Wireshark Courses For Beginners (Hacker Tool Training)

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In this post we will be reviewing and listing Wireshark training courses that are aimed at beginners and those new to ‘computer/ network hacking’ and Cyber Security in general. As the weeks roll-by we will be adding new courses that we feel you might be interested in, so, stay tuned as we continue to update this page!

Much like Nmap – and our post on “Nmap Training Courses” here, we also, equally suggest that you must learn how to use Wireshark if you are to be taken as a serious Cyber Security professional.

Quick intro/ re-cap to Wireshark
It’s very likely that you already have an understanding of Wireshark, but in any event, here’s a real quick definition: Wireshark is a data capturing program that has the ability to understand the structure (encapsulation) of different networking protocols. Wireshark can also parse and display the data fields – and that is its’ major use and advantage, i.e. it can translate bytes of data (packets) into human readable format (verbose). If you want to get all geeky about it then you’ll need to understand and read about <href=”https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pcap”>”pcap” which is used to capture the data packets.

Just to be clear, the definition of Wireshark, from its’ creators, is that it’s a “network protocol analyzer for Unix and Windows”.

Our recommended Wireshark Training Courses:

Recommended #1 Wireshark Course
Here’s the link for more information: “Introduction To Wireshark – The Essential Beginners Guide”

Why are we recommending this course?
If you are a complete beginner to Wireshark then we absolutely recommend this course. According to the author, you’ll be able to “enhance your Wireshark packet analyzing skills and learn how to start using Wireshark correctly”. What we liked about this course is that the author is keen on explaining the theory of packet-capture and how that all weaves into the subject matter. The course contains practical lessons on how to apply the theory when using Wireshark.

The author and instructor of this course, Nikhil Parekh, has more than 20 years in Cyber Security and has been teaching InfoSec technologies to dozens of organizations around the world. Upon completion of this course you’ll have a solid understanding of everything ‘Wireshark!’ – including everything from ‘Adminitration’ to being able to scan and analyze networks, whilst of course, being able to provide advice, consultancy and proposed patches and fixes. The intention of this course is also to teach you certain basic concepts of how a hacker would use this tool – so as long as you know that then you will be able to better protect against intruders.

As long as you have a computer to install Wireshark on then you are all set to take this course. We’d suggest that you install something like Kali Linux which ships with Wireshark – here’s a list of Linux based Pentesting/ Hacking Distros.

Recommended #2 Wireshark course
Here’s the link for more information: Wireshark Crash Course

Why are we recommending this course?
Another solid course: “Wireshark Crash Course”; this has had a ton of registered students and judging by the reviews, it’s a good course. With over 3,500 enrolled students this course this course aims to teach the basics on how to capture and analyze network traffic for beginners. This course has 25 lectures with two quizzes that will help you to appreciate whether or not you are on the correct path. Whilst the other courses tend to have a broader appeal, the instructor indicates that they’d rather target this training course to “Network and System Administrators” and also “IT security Analysts”.

We like this course because it is very informative and contains a ton of great examples and videos – with – step-by-step instructions on what to do and when.

Recommended #3 Wireshark course
Here’s the link for more information: Wireshark Tutorial – Get Wireshark Certification

Why are we recommending this course?
If you are looking to pad out your CV then we’d recommend that you take this course. This Wireshark course is slightly more advanced in that it’s for people who are preparing to obtain the official Wireshark Certification. Clearly, if you are looking to start a career in Cyber Security then we’d certainly recommend that you get as many certifications as possible because yes, they do absolutely help. It seems these days that HR will only interview people with a CISSP so – a Wireshark cert can only be a good thing as you build up your repertoire of IT certs.

This Wireshark course doesn’t so much teach you the basics, rather, it takes a more defined look at advanced skills – as you would hope since this course is after all preparing you to pass the Wireshark Certification. As a registered student you’ll also have life-long access to the content as well as new material as and when it is released. This is actually a pretty major bonus because Wireshark is regularly updated so it’s certainly no bad thing to have updated content!

Also – worth mentioning that the instructor seems to be very generous with his time in helping individual students with questions and answering problems.

Recommended #4 Wireshark course
Here’s the link for more information: Wireshark in 60 minutes

Why are we recommending this course?
This is a concise – ‘to the point’ Wireshark course. It is only 60 minutes long but it contains a ton of content as well as a comprehensive overview of Wireshark. The author, a Cyber Pro named Grzegorz Aksamit, asks that you have a certain understanding of certain key protocols which is fully understandable since the course is so brief.

Recommended #5 Wireshark course
Here’s the link for more information: The Art of Sniffing – Complete Crash Course

Why are we recommending this course?
This is an awesome course because the instructor has taken time to explain Wireshark within from a ‘hackers point-of-view’. The content is explained within certain attack situations, for example, how Wireshark would look and respond to a MITM attack and how ARP Spoofing can affect results and how it can (might be) detected by the network professional. In addition, this course also examines Passive Sniffing and Port Mirroring – two concepts that the other Wireshark courses do not seem to go into.

This training package is certainly one of the more advanced within our list. For example, you’ll learn how how to recover passwords just by examining traffic and analyze VoIP calls, comparing various traffic flows using graphs and much more.

Sounds good to us!

If you’ve taken any of these courses we’d love to hear from you. Please drop a comment below.

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