802.11 ac – presentation on security aspects of new networking standard

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802.11 ac – presentation on security aspects of new networking standard

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April 3rd 2013, as part of our Wireless cracking theme and our training course, we have a really great Hacker Hotshot event with Joe Bardwell. Joe’s presentation “802.11ac Packet Capture and RF Behavior for Client Device Analysis” will focus on three areas, firstly, viewers will learn how 802.11ac is a natural evolution of 802.11n. Secondly viewers will discover how the features of 802.11ac introduce new challenges for wireless security and troubleshooting and thirdly, you’ll learn why the conventional packet capture tools we used today (Wireshark, AirMagnet, etc) may be ineffective in the 802.11ac environment.

Amazing stuff. Wireshark ineffective for 802.11ac!! Who would have ever imagined!

If you are interested in learning about wireless cracking then this Hacker Hotshot session is clearly for you. Tuesday March 19th we had Jonathan Walker demonstrate “How To Exploit Wireless Networks Using Multiple Attack Methodologies in a Live 15-Minute Demo” which has been recorded and your definitely encouraged to watch it!

Wireless security remains vital to everyone’s interest – both on a private and public level. It’s staggering just how porous some wireless security connections can be – especially WEP which some people are still (oddly) running.

Our wireless cracking event with Jonathan couple with Joe’s presentation will set you up for a really solid understanding of wireless security. Whereas Jonathan focuses on the contemporary, Joe will focus on the future of wireless security reference to the much anticipated 802.11ac

802.11ac – a brief explanation
Image from Tom’s Hardware

In principle 802.11ac will be very fast with data transfer speeds up to three times greater than 802.11n. Wireless security experts behind 802.11ac say that this standard will significantly enhance streaming media – which is the way of the future. The range of Wi-Fi networks will also be increased but regarding security – the jury is still out. However, as Joe will explain, the 802.11ac set-up will be much safer, so if your interested come and join us!

Joe is the Chief Scientist at Connect802 Corporation, a nationwide RF design and wireless network VAR. He’s co-author of Troubleshooting Campus Networks (Wiley Press) and has been in the tech industry since 1982. Joe has been a regular speaker at SharkFest and numerous trade show events across the country.

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