Why IT security certifications trump all others

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Why IT security certifications trump all others

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With this, our last post of the year – we just wanted to re-iterate that 2013 promises to be again, the year of Information Security – or rather, the lack and demand of it!

IT security certifications will be helpful in the 2013 job market as demand continues to rise for qualified, experienced and certified infosec professionals.

Our previous Hacker Hotshot speaker, CompTIA’s Seth Robinson, wrote a really interesting blog post a while back that states that security remains the top skill for 2013 and onwards.

Why does an information security certification remain more “in-demand” than other subjects?
Seth outlines in his post that popular in-demand IT skills like cloud computing, mobility and Big Data are all clearly vital and in-demand, but what really matters the most it seems is information security. According to research by the mighty CompTIA (their 10th Annual Information Security Trends) illustrated that security remains a high priority and will remain so for a long time – all for obvious reasons. The report states that 85% of companies place a higher priority on security today than they did two years ago. PricewaterhouseCoopers further strengthens this by claim by predicting that global cybersecurity spending (currently at $60 billion/ year) will rise by ten percent over the next five years! These are large numbers.

Just take a look at our Hacker Hotshot events and you will see some pretty scary figures – especially the stats with Cyber Warfare and Cyber Crime.

All IT trends are entwined within a security dimension – meaning that cloud and mobile for example are clearly all reliant on secure platforms and infrastructures. Social engineering is another area of importance. Human error is a major security risk and one which affects all businesses. Stolen laptops, absent minded or loose IT security hygiene all can lead to massive fines (for breached data) or worst still, brand and reputation damage.

CompTIA’s report highlighted that almost six out of ten organizations think that their staff have the appropriate level of security expertise – but that still leaves the remaining four.

These skill gaps mentioned above can be narrowed with IT security training and certifications. CompTIA’s report shows that 84 percent of companies report a positive ROI from certifying their staff.

Our point is that education and training, particularly in the security field, is always good and should never be snubbed.

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