What Influences You Most When Deciding Which Study Options To Choose?

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What Influences You Most When Deciding Which Study Options To Choose?

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As you can imagine, we receive lots of inquiries from students who are researching InfoSec certificates. And it seems that when you break it down, our students really want to know one thing:

What is my Return On Investment if I study this course?

Now, we have lots of information on Concise Courses to help you evaluate the “return” portion of that equation, so I wanted to take a minute to look at the “investment’ side.

And more specifically, understand “What influences you most when deciding which delivery option to choose?” And to clarify, by “delivery option”, we mean classroom, live online or self study.

So, we’ve made this simple poll to find out.

Once you’ve finished, you will have automatic access to the results. And hopefully in answering the question, you might also get some insight into which study option is right for you.
Voting is now closed! However – here is a screenshot of the results as at November 25th 2014

  • Rick

    Budget isn’t absolutely number one but it is probably number two. Number one is the quality of the lectures. Sample lectures go a long way to demonstrate quality. Linuxcbt.com is for me an example of excellence. Whoever is doing those knows their stuff. I have heard others that mumble and stumble and putter along. It is distracting and obvious that they aren’t really prepared. Those are hard to take.

  • Joe K

    I mean while budget and instructor are important, I usually look at classes from an investment perspective. “How much is this course, what is the return on this course, and how qualified is the instructor?” The last one you may not know until you watch the course, but regardless of how poorly the information is presented as long as I can watch it a half a dozen times I can extract what I need from it. So for me, I have to be able to rewatch the content, its like buying a book.

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