Advanced Persistent Pentesting Fighting Fire with Fire

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Advanced Persistent Pentesting Fighting Fire with Fire

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Advanced Persistent Pentesting Fighting Fire with Fire

We are delighted to have Jonathan Cran on the show tomorrow. If you haven’t already signed up here is the link.

Jonathan Cran is the CTO of Pwnie Express. Pwnie Express create and manufacture cyber security platforms and solutions. They are famous for their Pwn Plug, which is the first-to-market commercial penetration testing drop box platform. This plug-and-play device was created to allow for the remote security penetration testing of corporate or retail premises. We gather from their website that the device excels in the fact that a penetration tester can run security tests over the Internet without traveling. The Pwn Plug includes a full security auditing software suite and provides covert remote access over Ethernet, wireless, and 3G/GSM cell networks.

Another amazing product they have created is the Pwn Phone. The Pwn Phone is a mobile wireless penetration testing toolkit – which also doubles up as a mobile. If you are interested in this subject matter then you must watch our web show with Georgia Weidman. Georgia developed the Smartphone Penetration Testing Framework. We also transcribed her talk.

Pwnie Express is awesome and we are really honored to have Jonathan share his “Advanced Persistent Pentesting: Fighting Fire with Fire” presentation with us. Jonathan has presented at DEFCON, Black Hat, SOURCE Boston and B-Sides.

Jonathan identifies the following as today’s “Threat Actors” – something I am sure he will share in his presentation:

1. Hacktivists
2. Financially Motivated Attackers
3. State-Sponsored Attackers
4. Employees, Contractors, Insiders
5. Casual Attackers

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