Results: Best Pentesting Distro of 2013!

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Results: Best Pentesting Distro of 2013!

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Update! This post has been updated to show the latest results from our poll. We have now reached over 500 votes! Here’s the updated page (mid October 2013).

May 14th 2013, we launched a poll titled: “Vote for your favorite Linux Penetration Testing Distribution” (you can still vote!) and – year to date – June 28th 2013, the poll has received over 200 votes! Most of our traffic, if not all of it, comes from information security professionals, penetration testers etc so our poll should be a decent representation of which Linux Distribution people are mostly using.

Our poll allows only one vote from a unique IP so it should be really accurate.

Our Linux Hacking Distro Poll will be open forever! Please vote if you have not already done so! Thanks!

The plan is that we publish an update as and when we reach certain milestones with the poll. The is the first set of results following the milestone of having had 200 people vote.

So, who is first!

Hardly surprising I guess, but Kali Linux, the new Debian based successor of the notorious BackTrack is in first place with 50% of the vote, which represents 102 votes. We say ‘hardly surprising’ because BackTrack has for the last six years been the ethical hackers distro of choice. We have a lot more information on Kali Linux here, and our “Kali Linux Family Tree” post was even mentioned on PaulDotCom’s web show!

Here are the stats so far (as at the end of July 2013).

Kali Linux: 102 Votes


BackBox Linux: 81 Votes


Bugtraq: 8 Votes


Also on our poll but with much smaller margins are: Knoppix, Pentoo, DEFT, CAINE, Samurai Web Testing Framework, Matriux Krypton, WEAKERTH4N and NodeZero. For a review of all of these please click here.

Given the resources, marketing and brilliance of Offensive Security we shouldn’t be too surprised that Kali Linux came first in our poll.

Why do we blog about Linux Pentesting Distros?
The short answer is because we are an information security training organization and marketing company and always find ourselves messing around with distros. They don’t necessarily have to be within the penetration testing or digital forensics field, but generally – they are! In fact – worth mentioning, in wireless security is more your thing then hit up our list of wireless security Linux distro’s.

Future of Linux
Linux still remains a minority Operating System when compared to Mac or PC’s/ Windows. The reasons for this remain the same, i.e. the marketing clout of Windows that can obscure Linux and the fact that computers in 99% of instances come pre-installed with Windows, or iOS if a Mac. However, of course, all we have to deal is peel back the surface of the Internet and we see Linux servers are clearly the majority. It’s a shame that Linux, with regards to personal computing, is yet to breakthrough into the mainstream but Ubuntu has made enormous strides to make this a reality. Ubuntu’s move with Unity as the preferred desktop environment did cause issues though, and they do have issues with privacy. Owing to this Ubuntu Mint has taken the lead.

Last word!
We will continue to publish the results of our poll when certain milestones have been met: ideally we it reaches 500 we will publish a much larger post! What are your comments? Which is your preferred system? Do you run it as root? We’d love to know! Please add your comments below, and please don’t forget to vote!

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