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We review a bunch of hacking tools and hacker software – in fact – we’ve interviewed a bunch of Kali Linux Hacker Developers. In this post, we’re delighted to review the amazing BruteShark networking tool by interviewing the developer Oded Shimon.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in and learn more about BruteShark.

Can You Introduce Yourself And Your Background With Regards To Cybersecurity?

My name is Oded Shimon, and Iā€™m a software engineer and a Cybersecurity expert. I started programming at the age of 15, and since then I have never stopped learning new methods, techniques, and developing small products up to massive systems.

In recent years I have focused more on software engineering areas. I have a degree in computer science, specialized as a software architect, and have been responsible for managing a team of experienced software engineers.

In the past year I have started publishing articles, tools, and libraries that I have developed. The feedback that I received made me fall in love with open source!

I would like think that I do adhere to the open-source philosophy.

What Led You To Create Bruteshark?

In 2017 I participated in the DEFCON conference in Las Vegas. On one of the days of the conference, I passed a room where a sniffing CTF had taken place. Beers and packets? I had had to attend it ā€“ so I got in.

Since I was not planning to participate in the CTF, I was equipped with merely a laptop with zero setups. Very soon I found myself downloading different tools. Each of them had a different role but in fact, everyone had a common goal – to look at the net the way that a hacker would look at it.

When the conference was over, I sat in front of my keyboard and started writing my ideas. The way from there to a working app was short.

What’s The Difference Between BruteShark And Wireshark – Or Even Hacking Tools Like Nmap?

Great question.

First of all, thank you for comparing BruteShark to amazing tools such as Wireshark and Nmap.

While Wireshark is a general-purpose packet analyzer (and one of my favorite tools) BruteShark is a Network Forensic Analysis Tool with offensive orientation. That means that it focuses on getting the relevant insights and data that a potential attacker would try to get. By doing that, it provides a solution for security researchers and network administrators with the task of identifying weaknesses in their network.

Basically, BruteShark is an implementation of my agenda: in order to catch a hacker ā€” you have to think like one! (I even wrote an article about it in a medium article here).

It includes password extracting, building a visual network map, reconstructing sessions, extracting hashes of encrypted passwords, and even converting them to the Hashcat format in order to perform an offline Brute Force attack.

Fun fact ā€“ BruteShark is actually listed on Wireshark Wiki under their tools section.

What’s The Future Of Bruteshark? How Would You Like To See The Tool Develop?

BruteShark is an open-source tool, so it means that everyone can take a part in it. I would love to see people join in implementing features and help me in making it a powerful open-source tool with a strong community.

I think of it as a journey, and good people make the journey interesting.

I also believe that integration with other tools is great, like the one that BruteShark has with Hashcat, and I hope to expand the tools that BruteShark knows how to interface with. If someone had invented it, use it!

These days we are improving the CLI application. I hope that after making it comfortable and flexible enough, we will see BruteShark inside Linux distributions.

How Can People Get Hold Of You If They’d Like To Help Develop The Tool?

For making contribution easy, myself and the BruteShark collaborators have laid all the necessary groundwork so that everyone could take part: a Backlog full of tasks, a contributing guide, tests, and a CI/CD pipeline. All of that for increasing the quality of testing and the confidence in making changes.

I can also be reached in a variety of different ways:

Nothing makes me happier than getting positive feedback from a user, so feel free to contact me!

Wrapping Up

Big thanks to Oded!

Be sure to check out BruteShark if you’re an Ethical Hacker or indeed any form of Cyber Professional!

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