Our new unbelievably low priced CompTIA Security

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Our new unbelievably low priced CompTIA Security

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Update: July 2015 – remember to check our latest Security+ prices. The best place to check is here. Every now and again something awesome happens within the world of information security certs – and this just might be one of those times! Cut to the chase – our CompTIA Security+ self study pack is only $27! That’s it. It’s that low! Here’s the link to register for this popular cyber security certification.

ONLY $27!!!

CompTIA Security+ self study pack

More info and register

What does our Security+ course include? Security+ Timed ‘Real-Life’ Practice Exams

  • Security+ Practice Exam 1 (80 Timed Multiple Choice Questions)
  • Security+ Practice Exam 2 (80 Timed Multiple Choice Questions)
  • Security+ Practice Exam 3 (80 Timed Multiple Choice Questions)
  • Security+ Practice Exam 4 (80 Timed Multiple Choice Questions)
  • Security+ Practice Exam 5 (Peformance Based Questions)

700+ Security+ Course Slides

  • 1: Introduction into Information Security
  • 2: Essential Security Concepts
  • 3: Operational and Organizational IT Security
  • 4: Role of People within IT Security
  • 5: Cryptography
  • 6: Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
  • 7: Security Standards and Protocols
  • 8: Physical Security
  • 9: Network Fundamentals
  • 10: Infrastructure and Network Fundamentals
  • 11: Remote Access within Security
  • 12: Wireless Security
  • 13: Intrusion Detection Systems and Network Security
  • 14: Hardening and Baselines
  • 15: Types of Attacks
  • 16: E-mail, Instant Messaging and VoIP
  • 17: Protocols and Web Components
  • 18: Secure Software Development and Testing
  • 19: Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning
  • 20: Risk Planning and Management
  • 21: Change Management
  • 22: End-User and Privilege Management
  • 23: Digital Forensics
  • 24: Legal Issues, Compliance and Ethics
  • 25: IT Privacy

Security+ Course Information

  • Welcome Information
  • Welcome and Course Instructions!
  • CompTIA Security+ Course and Exam Overview
  • Vital Security+ Information
  • 1: Why study CompTIA Security+?
  • 2: How to break into Information Security Field
  • 3: Security+ Syllabus
  • 4: Exam Structure how is it graded?
  • 5: Performance Based Questions
  • 6: CompTIA Security+ Acronyms
  • 7: Salaries and Opportunities
  • 8: CompTIA InfoSec Pathway
  • 9: 300 InfoSec Interview questions
  • 10: Fifty Firefox Pentesting addons
  • 11: Thirteen Interview Disasters To Avoid!

Why bother studying CompTIA’s Security Plus? Firstly, this cyber cert is approved by the United States Department of Defense since the syllabus has been vetted to fit IA technical and management requirements for personnel and staff (including government contractors). Secondly, this cert has been selected by many leading government contractors such as Hitachi Information Systems (Japan), Prestariang Systems, CSC, General Dynamics and Northrop Grumman. Since this certification and course is updated every three years employers feel that their staff and employees are learning the latest skills that will assist them with their daily IT workflow. In Summary What do you think? We’d love to have your feedback regarding Security+ We have now trained over 450 professionals including the US Army so we feel we have enough experience to understand the profile of a ‘Security+’ student – but please let us know how you have benefited from having taken this training program – did it help you with your career and how? Also! If you would like to test yourself, why not take our CompTIA Security+ 5 minute multiple choice test and see how you do! As ever, if you have any questions please either get in contact with us here or drop a comment below.

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