Offensive Security Exploitation Expert

Course Provider: Offensive Security

Course Name: Offensive Security Exploitation Expert (OSEE)

Exam type: Hands-on
Exam duration: 72 hours
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The OSEE certification carefully assesses not only the candidates understanding of the course content, but also their skill to think laterally and adapt to new challenges. OSEE is the companion certification to the demanding Advanced Windows Exploitation course.

The OSEE examination consists of a select number of remotely-hosted systems containing various unknown vulnerabilities. The successful candidate will demonstrate their ability to research and develop exploits for the given target systems through reverse engineering, assembly and disassembly, drawing on their exploit experience while thinking laterally. The examinee is expected to submit a comprehensive report, containing in-depth notes and screenshots detailing their methods of exploiting each of the assigned targets.

An OSEE is able to face a system with unknown vulnerable software, reverse engineer it to locate the problematic code, and think creatively in order to develop a functioning exploit under various Windows operating systems, up to and including Windows 7 and Server 2008.