Mile2 Certified Penetration Testing Engineer

Course Provider: Mile2

Course Name: Mile2 Certified Penetration Testing Engineer (CPTE)

Exam type: Multiple Choice
Exam duration: 2 hours | 100 questions
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C)PTE is created solidly upon proven, hands-on, penetration testing procedures utilized by Mile2’s penetration testing consultants. This course is based on the five key elements of penetration testing; Information Gathering, Scanning, Enumeration, Exploitation and Reporting. The most recent vulnerabilities will be discovered using this true and tried techniques.

This course also enhances a professional in terms of business skills needed to determine protection opportunities, optimize security controls to reduce risk and justify penetration testing activities. Candidates will be using the most recent tools such as Saint, Microsoft PowerShell and Metasploit through Kali Linux.

Mile2 goes far beyond simply teaching you to “Hack”. The C)PTE was developed around principles and behaviors used to combatmalicious hackers and focuses on professional penetration testing rather than “ethical hacking”.