Mile2 Certified Penetration Testing Consultant

Course Provider: Mile2

Course Name: Mile2 Certified Penetration Testing Consultant (C)PTC)

Exam type: Practical Test
Exam duration: 60 days to turn in a written Penetration Test report
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This certification is created for IT security experts and IT network administrators who are interested in handling penetration tests on large network infrastructures similar to large service providers, corporate networks and telecommunication companies. This certification covers techniques on how to prevent and attack underlying network protocols and infrastructure.

Training starts from basic packet capturing and analyzing by using open source and commercial tools. From there, candidates continues with Layer2 attack vectors and Layer 3 based attacks that includes both IPv4 and IPv6, routing protocol attacks then jump over to service provider level attacks that is related with common used MPLS, how to use pivots and relays and VPN attacks that includes SSL attacks and IPSEC protocol suite.

This course provide candidates with an in-depth lab exercise after each module. Candidates for this certification may spend 16+ hours that simulate a real world penetration testing model.