Mile2 Certified Incident Handling Engineer

Course Provider: Mile2

Course Name: Mile2 Certified Incident Handling Engineer (C)IHE)

Exam type: Multiple Choice
Exam duration: 2 hours | 100 questions
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This certification is designed to help system administrators, incident handlers and any general security security engineers understand how to create, plan and use their systems in order to avoid, detect and react to attacks.

In this training, students will know the step-by-step approaches used by hackers, the most recent attack vectors and how to defend against them, Incident handling procedures which includes developing the process from start to finish and organizing your incident handling team, strategies for each type of attack, recovering from attacks and more.

Students will also enjoy a lot of hands-on lab exercises that will focus on topics such as reconnaissance, network sniffing, vulnerability assessments using Nessus, web application manipulation, malware and using Netcat plus several additional scenarios for both Linux and Windows systems.