GIAC Security Expert

Course Provider: GIAC

Course Name: GIAC Security Expert (GSE)

Exam type: Multiple Choice and Hands-on Lab
Exam duration: Multiple Choice - 3 hours (150 questions) | Hands-on Lab - 2 days
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Target audience for this certifications are those who pursue an in-depth technical education in all areas of information security. The GSE certification is the considered as one of the most famous credential in the IT Security industry. The exam was developed by subject matter professionals and top industry practitioners. The GSE’s performance based, hands-on nature sets it apart from any other certifications in the IT security industry. The GSE will determine if a candidate has truly mastered the wide range of skills required by top security consultants and individual practitioners.

The skills required to successfully earn the GSE certification can be broken up into three major groups:
1. General security skills
2. Incident handling skills
3. Intrusion detection and analysis skills During the GSE lab, GIAC will provide you a laptop with the following tools installed: Windows 7 Professional, A virtual machine with a customized configuration of Kali Linux 1.1.0a, with included security tools. and Virtual machines with Ubuntu Linux Server.