GIAC Reverse Engineering Malware

Course Provider: GIAC

Course Name: GIAC Reverse Engineering Malware (GREM)

Exam type: 1 proctored exam
Exam duration: 2 hours | 75 questions
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The GREM certification is designed for technologists who protect the company from malicious code. GREM-certified technologists have the knowledge and skills to reverse-engineer malwares that targets common platforms, such as web browsers and Microsoft Windows. These professionals know how to examine inner-workings of malware in the context of incident response, forensic investigations, and Windows system administration.

By being a GREM certified professional, you will become more valuable to your employer and/or customers by highlighting your cutting-edge malware analysis skills through the GREM certification. Join the ranks of highly-respected professionals who possess the knowledge and skills that are relatively rare in the industry and reinforce and affirm your ability to understand characteristics of real-world malware, so you can better respond to incidents and reinforce defenses.

Minimum passing score is 70.7% and must be renewed every 4 years.