GIAC Information Security Fundamentals

Course Provider: GIAC

Course Name: GIAC Information Security Fundamentals (GISF)

Exam type: 1 proctored exam
Exam duration: 2 hours | 75 questions
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GISF candidates that will pass this certification will learn and be able to show key concepts of information security including understanding the threats and risks to information and information resources, learning to diversify our protection strategy and identifying best practices that can be used to protect them.

Target audience for this certifications are the professionals who need to hit the ground running and need an overview of information assurance. Managers, Information Security Officers, and System Administrators who need an overview of risk management and defense in depth techniques and those who writes, implements, or must adhere to policy, disaster recovery or business continuity.

Minimum passing score is 71% and must be renewed every 4 years.