eLearnSecurity Certified Reverse Engineer

Course Provider: eLearnSecurity

Course Name: eLearnSecurity Certified Reverse Engineer (eCRE)

Exam type: Theoretical Test (Multiple Choice) and Practical Assessment
Exam duration: Theoretical Test - 90 minutes (45 questions) | Practical Assessment - 24 hours from the download of the application and the examiner questions, to submit your PDF report with your answers.
More Information
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eCRE is issued by eLearnSecurity and the target people are the reverse engineers who will provide proof of their hands-on skills by doing and passing a comprehensive and 100% practical exam.

This certification will ensure that the candidate has a strong understanding of theoretical aspects behind reverse engineering through a challenging multiple choice pre-exam. Individuals who can achieve an 84% score in the pre-test and perform a thorough reverse engineering in practice are awarded the eCRE Certification.