Comparison Of “Hacker Courses” – To Improve Your Hacking Skills!

What Is This Resource?

It’s simple: we just want to save you some time!

It is clear that you are on this page because you have an interest in computer hacking and very likely you need to improve your skills! So, what we’ve done here is list a bunch of courses that we think you’ll like!

General Hacking Courses

For hacker newbies, these types of courses are definitely perfect for you. If you’re looking into venturing into the hacking industry or wanting to pursue a career in information technology security, taking on hacking courses should be a number one priority. These courses cover ethical hacking tests, penetration testing courses and other cyber security lessons. The great thing about taking these hacking courses is that you are equipped with not only the theories behind cyber security but also the practical skills needed to take on a white hacker stint. It also doesn’t hurt to have certificates of completed courses part of your CV to sway that HR manager in your direction.