VoIP hacking, exploitation and prevention: 15 min demo!

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VoIP hacking, exploitation and prevention: 15 min demo!

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If you feel that VoIP security, VoIP networking/ hacking and defense skills are missing from your toolkit then we have your back: come and join us July 31st at 1200 EST!

Few words on general VoIP Security Issues
What are the general advanced threats that surround VoIP security? Essentially there are five threats that can be attributed as a threat to VoIP technology, these are:

  • Interception of calls over a network when using VoIP
  • Denial of VoIP Service Attacks
  • Service Fraud (Account Theft)
  • Exfiltration of data whilst using VoIP
  • Malware infiltration using a Man In The Middle style of attack

The bottom line is this, ever since VoIP has become popular and widely used, calls (i.e. verbal, and the transfer of media or text messages) are relatively simple to sniff and read, especially if the hacker has physical access to the victims LAN network.

Our VoIP Hacking Demo!
Our 15 minute demo titled “Learn How To Crack SIP Authentication & Listen To VoIP Calls In 15-Minutes!” is going to be amazing and we really encourage you to join us if you work in the InfoSec space. This demo is aimed at C-level security professionals such as CISO, CTO’s, etc., but also of course Pentesters, Network Security Administrators and IT Security Managers.

Having spoken with the highly experienced instructor, Eric DeShetler, we feel that professionals working in the following industries would find the demo particularly useful; they are: the Banking, Computer & Network Security and IT & Service industries. However, literally anyone and everyone who either has a passing interest or is actively involved in the IT security industry must attend our demo a week today, Wednesday July 31st.

What are the learning objectives of our VoIP demo?
If you’d like to learn an extra skill or understand a particular VoIP topic please leave a comment below and we will make sure that it is asked during the session. You are going to learn three main objectives.

  • You are going to learn and see a demonstration on how VoIP can be exploited and prevented
  • You’ll see how you can protect (i.e. defend) your organization’s VoIP networks from malicious hackers and best known attacks
  • You’ll see how Wireshark is used for VoIP security, i.e. improve your WireShark skills

Eric will be teaching you the above three objectives. As a highly experienced cyber-security expert with over a decade experience with (amongst others organizations) NASA, NSA and the Joint Cyber Attack Team (JCAT), Cyber Command. Eric learned his first-class teaching skills with mile2, an information security and assurance training organization. Mile2 are best known for their CPTE and CPTC certifications (but they offer a wide range of security specific certs). CPTE/ CPTC are abbreviations for Certified Penetration Testing Engineer/ and Consultant respectively.

Bonus for attending our VoIP course!
As if you even needed an extra reason to attend the demonstration, Eric and the generous folks from mile2 are giving away a free step by step guide to mile2’s CPTE lab guide on how to analyze VOIP calls in Wireshark. They have also given every attendee a mile2 CSS (Certified Security Sentinel) video and exam voucher for the same certification!

As stated above, if you worked in Information Security, then attend, learn and benefit from this first-class and world-class training opportunity. Here are a couple of thoughts: after you have registered go ahead and learn as much as you can about Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). For those that don’t know, SIP is a signaling communications protocol, which is used for controlling multimedia communication sessions such as VoIP. For a demonstration of you might find it useful to take a look at a couple of VoIP hacking tools: Sipautohack and SIPVicious. Lastly, we encourage you to get involved! Please ask your questions below and we’ll see you online!

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