Meet Mile2 and CEO Ray Friedman. Mile2 is a rapidly growing information security training organization

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Meet Mile2 and CEO Ray Friedman. Mile2 is a rapidly growing information security training organization

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We are no strangers to Mile2 and are proud to offer their much coveted CPTE: Certified Penetration Testing Engineer certification.

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Compare CPTE fees and delivery modes: › if you are already familiar with Mile2 and their certifications.
Download our CPTE InfoPack: › if you are new to Mile2 and this fast-growing infosec certification.

Watch the video
In this video (10 mins long) Raymond Friedman (Mile2 President and CEO) will present Mile2 and their CPTE certification by discussing the following points:

  • Mile2 History
  • Mile2 IA Services
  • Mile2’s Accreditation
  • Content Standards
  • Developers and Authors
  • Why CPTE is better than CEH?
  • Mile2 PenTest Road Map
  • Exam Info
  • CPTE Testimonials

To watch the video please click here.

Here are some highlights from Ray’s presentation:

  • Mile2 was found in the aftermath of 9/11
  • Mile2 is a developer and provider of proprietary vendor neutral professional certifications for global securities
  • Mile2 is known for their robust list of cyber security certifications for prominent global organizations world wide including the early development of the Certified Ethical Hacker in the USA.
  • Mile 2 certification courses teach the fundamental and advanced principles of cyber security and follows a course/ certification track that leads to advanced hands on skills training for pen testing, Disaster Recovery, Incident Handling, IA Management and Network Forensics
  • Mile2 also provides Information Assurance services that meet military, government, private sector and institutional specifications.

To illustrate the depth of Mile2’s content authors and instructors, here are a few of their profiles:

Johnny Justice – C)DFE, CEI, CSSA, ECSA, CHFI, Linux+, and CEH

Johnny has been in the U.S. Military for over a decade working as a Counterintelligence Agent (Computer Forensics, etc) and has been teaching UNIX/ LINUX, Network Essentials, and Theories and Application/ Digital Technology at the college level and has developed several high level Linux and Digital forensics course curriculum. As is standard with all Mile2 instructors, Johnny holds a variety of certifications including: C)DFE, CEI, CSSA, ECSA, CHFI, Linux+, and CEH. Furthermore, Johnny authored the Certified Digital Forensics Examiner course at Mile2 and was recently featured in eforensics magazine. Johnny is a graduate: Magna Cum-Laude in 2012, from Nova Southeastern University with a Master’s of Science degree in Computer Science Education.


We have a video with Kevin Henry presenting “Five Advanced Persistent Threats APT You MUST Know About” recorded April 10th 2012. Kevin is a Mile2 instructor and course content writer. He is an international author, consultant and renown speaker and is the official course development writer for ISC2 CISSP, ISACA CRISC and mile2’s CPTE. Kevin has been busy for over 30 years in IT and Information Security providing consulting and support services for organizations around the world, assisting them with setting up Information Security Programs and addressing areas ranging from in-depth risk analysis to policy creation and security awareness. Recently, Kevin authored the latest CPTE – Certified Penetration Testing Engineer prep guide.

James Michael Stewart – CISSP, C)ISSO, ISSAP, SSCP, CPTE, Q/SA, Q/EH, CEH, CPTE, and Security+

James Michael Stewart is another example of the depth of Mile2’s talent. He has been working with computers and technology for over two decades and has written more than 75 books! Recently, Michael has also taught other certification courses, such as CISSP, ethical hacking/ penetration testing, and Security+. He is the primary author on the CISSP Study Guide 5th Edition, the Security+ Review Guide, and Network Security, Firewalls, and VPNs. Michael has also contributed to many other security focused materials including exam preparation guides, practice exams, DVD video instruction, and courseware. In addition, Michael has co-authored numerous books on other security, certification, and administration topics.

He has developed certification courseware and training materials as well as presented these materials in the classroom. Michael holds a wide variety of certifications, including: CISSP, ISSAP, SSCP, CPTE, Q/SA, Q/EH, CPTE, CEH, and Security+. Michael graduated in 1992 from the University of Texas at Austin with a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy. Despite his degree, his computer knowledge is self-acquired, based on seat-of-the-pants hands-on experience.

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