Top 10 Ways To Earn InfoSec CPEs (Do You Agree?)

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Top 10 Ways To Earn InfoSec CPEs (Do You Agree?)

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CPE’s, CEU’s or whatever you’re acronym of choice is, the fact remains, the serious cybersecurity certificates in the market ALL require continuing education (and rightfully so IMO).

So, I thought it might be helpful to list the top 10 ways to earn Infosec CEUs – and find out if you agree with my suggestions, and/ or whether you’d like to add some more.

Let’s get a list together!!

In no particular order, here are my suggestions.

1. Play video games – Yes, you’re eyes do not deceive you. Go to and search for these games: Uplink, BS Hacker and MindLink. Have fun and learn about security concepts!
* FYI – this one may require you to be creative on your CPE submission form.

2. Attend a local event or conference – you can find the webs most comprehensive list of infosec events here.

3. Post in forums and blogs – why not share your expertise, or certification experience. Each of our blog posts allow for feedback and we’re always keen to help our community. Here’s an example: Any advice to offer this future InfoSec professional?

4. Take a course. As many of you now, we have been offering free educational content for years now. And in that vein, we also offers lots of free and (very inexpensive) continuing education courses. Here’s a list of our pre-approved Security+ CEU courses, for example.

5. Read books – my favourite publisher is Syngress and you can see their portfolio of books here.

6. Volunteer at a local school – you never know, the kids may just teach you a thing or two about computer security!

7. If you’re tired of travelling, then invite a security vendor to make a presentation at your company.

8. Join a local users group – we’ve listed a HUGE list of user group resources in our latest course, “How To Break Into Cybersecurity”

9. Origami 101 – certain certificates (CISSP for example), allow CPEs for professional development courses not related in any way to IT security. This sounds like a hall pass to me!

10. Get a degree. If you’re like me, then you might be a bit “gun shy” about this one as it requires lots of time and money but college courses meet the CPE requirement.

Please let me know what you think now. Vote on your #1 way to earn CPEs!

  • Andy

    I’m not so sure about:

    #3 and the ability to earn credits for this. I doubt this would pass a credit audit.
    #5 CPEs for book reading (and ISC required book report) is not the most time effective way to earn credits.
    #7 It can’t be a pure sales pitch, you can’t claim those for credits.
    #10 Depending where you are in career, a degree might be an expensive wall decoration.

  • ali hasan

    Please teach and learn more about:
    # 3 post in forums and blogs:there’s so many weaks to share if some of people consider really to know but we can’t explore and do more without a practice strategy for example you share just the epic content.

  • Stu H

    I can only speak to CPE’s for the CISSP certification, but here are a few.
    a) Subscribe to SC Magazine (5 CPE’s)
    b) Watch recorded webinars
    c) Attend e-symposium from ISC2 (available only to CISSP holders)

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