Our 2013 recommended penetration testing tools

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Our 2013 recommended penetration testing tools

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  • Srikanth

    Can we use these tools for testing Mobile apps based on Android and IOS please?
    Your response is much appreciated.

  • bratkichawy


    What about CORE IMPACT Pro Software? Isn’t it in top 10 of penetration testing tools?

  • wood

    Backtrack should have made it to the list, Cain & Abel definetely shouldn’t

  • Pavithra


    I am new to learn pentesting.can you help on the common tool used for pentesting.

    Also iIs there any site which explains the basics on pentesting for mob?

    Awaiting for your reply…

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  • Ankit

    Weird and surprising how Backtrack & Kali din’t make it to the top 10 !?

  • Stulanderereodhfsudhf

    You missed OpenVAS!


  • Mjam

    Hello, I have designed a hash algorithm. But I do not know how can I test it? Are there any tools for attacks Testing? Please advise me. regards

  • fracisco

    Pls kindly send me a link to nmap and Cain and Abel

  • Praveen

    I’ve used Core Impact Pro and it’s very good.

  • Max

    Is there a tool that has all the packages included?

  • agaust

    I was installed metasploit package in my ubuntu, but it’s so high resource memory..

  • Pradeep

    I want to be in man in the middle. Which one is better

  • Jack Martin

    Very nice and interesting post about Best Security Testing Tools.

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