Top Ten Hackers That Were Caught [Video]

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Top Ten Hackers That Were Caught [Video]

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We thought we’d post this top-ten from a YouTube video which we feels adequately sums up ten famous hackers that were caught for their computer misuse!



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1. Kevin Mitnick
Considered the post child of modern day hacking and at one point was the world’s most wanted hacker. He still millions of dollars from corporates such as IBM, Motorola and others. He was caught and jailed, and now he is an author and a well known cyber security conference speaker.

Main thing to know: he was the first ‘major’ hacker to be caught and tried.

2. Vladimir Levin
Vladimir was a Russian hacker. In 1994, from St Petersburg (where incidentally a certain Vladimir Putin was deputy-major) Vladimir Levin stole $10.7 million dollars from CitiBank customers. He ended up spending three years in jail and he had to return all his illicit takings.

Main thing to know: apparently he was actually the hacker since in 2005 an anonymous hacking group claimed to have given Vladimir the elements to orchestrate the hack.

3. Matthew Bevin + Richard Price
In 1996 these two guys broke into military computers including North an South Korean networks.

Main thing to know: these two guys nearly started a war.

4. Michael Calce ‘Mafia Boy’
Project Revolt (as he called it) was a Dos Attack that kicked off in early 2000. In something reminisce of FSociety in Mr. Robot, Mafia Boy took down major websites like Yahoo!, Amazon, FIFA and many others. He was caught when he was bragging about it in an IRC chat room.

Main thing to know: Mafia Boy used a cheap laptop, a dial-up modem, and was able to take down major websites. Pretty impressive really…

5. Adrian Lamo
Adrian hacked also, like Mafia Boy, also hacked into Yahoo! and Amazon and Bank of America. He didn’t really hack for money, and because he was very frugal he was given the nickname ‘Homeless Hacker’. He was caught and was given a six month suspended sentence.

Main thing to know: he used public networks and a browser to hack into these major organizations!

6. Jeanson James Ancheta
In 2004 Jeanson spread a bot called the RXBot that gave him control of 500,000 computers including US Military computers. He was able to shut down servers and computers.

Main thing to know: Jeason was the ‘first’ hacker to create a ‘bot-net’.

7. Gary McKinnon
Gary McKinnon was actually one of our very first blog posts back in 2012! Gary hacked into US Military computers seeing evidence of a US Government cover-up of UFO’s. He was also convinced that the US Government were covering up anti-gravity technology. He was acquitted.

Main thing to know: Gary used a very simple PERL script to see default Windows Passwords. He also suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome (as do many other hackers).

8. Owen Walker
Owen was only a teenager when he created over $26 million dollars worth of damage when he unleashed the Akbot Virus.

Main thing to know: He was caught and released, since it was deemed not necessary to punish him.

9. Astra
This hacker was operational between 2002 and 2008 and his real name has never been published. What we do know however is that he is a Greek Mathematician who is 58 years old. He was caught in Athens.

Main thing to know: This hacker sold $351 million dollars worth of hacking Intellectual Property!

10. Albert Gonzalez
Albert devised an industrial-scale hacking ring that resulted in him receiving a jail sentence of 40 years! Compare that with Owen Walker!

Main thing to know: Over a two year period Albert and his crew stole over 175 million credit card numbers!

In Summary
There are a ton of other infamous hackers out there, and arguably this list is a little old, but it’s still very interesting.

Who do you think we should add to this list? Let us know by dropping a comment below.

  • Kyle

    I know there is much myth that Mitnick stole lots of many but those are just myths. While Mitnick had the opportunity to steal money he never did.

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